The art of gift-giving in business

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For most companies, the art of gift giving is valued. Most companies say that they give gifts to their major clients and investors but in reality corporate gifts are given to make the relationship stronger especially with their clients. A lot of people believe that it is only in the holiday season that companies should give gifts. But in reality this is not true. You can also give corporate gifts even if it is not. Christmas or New year.

Gifts are normally given to clients. This is to show appreciation for the partnership they have over the years. Ideally, you should send a gift to your client at least once in a year. Normally, these are given during the holiday season. However, gifts can also be given in another time of the year. For instance, a gift can be given when there is an important event in the company or an important milestone. Perhaps after accomplishing a major project. However, never give gifts when you are in the middle of a bidding process or when you are about to close a big project with a company. It is considered to be unethical because it seems like a bribe. Choose a gift that is special and worth remembering but also consider the taste and interests of the person or the company. Gifts are also given to employees. After working so hard for you, you would also want to recognize their efforts in your company. Usually, employees expect cash rewards and bonuses. However, if this is too much for the company’s budget then go for something that they would appreciate like gift cards. You can refer to gifts online Australia to get detailed information about giving gifts to your dear ones.

art of gift giving

Here are the major considerations in giving corporate gifts especially to clients. The first thing to consider is the appropriateness of the time. As mentioned earlier, do not give gifts to clients when you are in the middle of a negotiation as this may be misinterpreted as bribing. Most of the time gifts are given on special occasions such as Christmas or New Year. You may also give when your client is celebrating his birthday and this shows more of a personal touch. You may give business gifts to your employees depending on how close your relationship with him or her. For example, you may give a congratulatory gift for promotion, for weddings, or for having a baby for your assistant and his family. The kind of gift is also an important consideration. Think of what is important for your client. Probably the safest gift to give is food which is expensive or evens a bottle of the best wine in town. Think of something that maybe appreciated. Customize and present the gifts well. Add art in something that you do to show gratitude and appreciation. Also, you need to know the culture of the company. Some companies have a no-gift policy and by giving one could be a major violation and might affect your future business transactions.

Gift giving has always been a part of business. Make sure that when you give corporate gifts you follow the culture of the company and respect it. Also, think of the right gift, the right time and occasion to give it. Gifts are given to nurture the relationship and not destroy it.