Learning Cuban Dance Lessons While Traveling

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When one mentions Cuba, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Probably Che Guevara, as he is an icon of the country known for the revolution he carried out around the mid 1900s. But do you know that Cuba is popular for its music and dance culture? Cuba has a distinctive style in their dance and most of the time it is associated with Latin America. The traditional Cuban music has its root from the African culture. The country itself is the birthplace for a lot of unique dance forms which include Salsa, Bolero, Mambo, Rumba, Son, Cha-cha, Danzon, Danzonete and many more.

The official dance and music genre of Cuba is Danzon. You can also see this form very actively in Puerto Rico and Mexico. It has evolved from contradanza. These dances were highly influenced by the dance and rhythmic styles of Africa which became a fusion of African and European influences. Cha-cha originated in Cuba, too, in which it got its name from the same name of the violinist and composer Enrique Jorrin back in 1953. Salsa originated in New York around mid-70s. It has evolved from the earlier dance forms of Mambo and Cha cha which were very popular in New York back then, in which it has incorporated several elements of dancing from Hustle and Swing, among others. Bolero originated from Santiago de Cuba during the last of the nineteenth century. Mambo is a form of dance and musical style that originally developed in the country. You can also see several ballet schools across Cuba, too.


You will definitely be entranced by the culture of dancing Cuba has to offer to its travelers. Even if it is not included in your plans to learn a thing or two about Cuban dance lessons, you still have the chance to do so. All over the world, Cuba is widely known for being the dance capital. The country never runs short on dance schools that offer all the aforementioned dance forms. If you already have an experience prior to visiting Cuba, all the more it gets exciting as you get to learn the basics in order to strengthen your foundation of your dance forms. You can also mix your previous experiences with the new one you will eventually learn in Cuba, or learn an entirely new dance form and incorporate it in your future dances. All the lessons offered at the dance schools are at a level designed for you.

You do not have to settle with dancing in Cuba. If you have nothing else to do besides watching the sceneries of the country and learn some dancing lessons, why not mix it up with learning music? Music is another element of Cuba that has deeply ingrained in the citizens and its culture. It is evident with the way the Cubans mingle with each other – it is like they are singing. This way you will learn how the beats are created and you will be able to pick up when your dance forms are going to enter into the music.