Black Fashion Men Tips

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The black community is and has always been known for its unique and cultural style and fashion – especially so for men. Though the racial barrier definitely does not stand strong, there is definitely a difference between the way blacks and whites dress, as a general rule. For black men, it is important to stay with the latest styles of their peers while keeping their own personal taste in mind, which can be a little confusing. A little know-how is the best weapon against this confusion.

For fashion and style tips tailored especially to young or young adult African Americans, try to spend some time with someone who would know. A black fashion designer or go-to stylist is a good option. Being shy isn’t an option when you feel you are slipping behind in the fashion department, so asking for help is a good way to go. Also, be tasteful. It is important to be yourself in your style without compromising the decency with which you wear the clothes. Shorts should hit at least at the knee without sagging (too much). Sleeveless shirts should be tasteful by not sagging so that the entire side can be seen, and custom t-shirts that are cut to be very tight on the arms are often looked down upon as well. As with any men’s fashion – white, yellow, black, orange, etc – it is important to always stay true to your fashion, your style and your cultural ties. You may find it useful to do some research about African culture, but in the end it has to make you feel good to be of any use to you in a fashion sense. Do what works for you, and have fun shopping.

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